Serra Grande Bahia Brasil

Serra Grande, Bahia

Serra Grande is a small quiet town located on the southern coast of Bahia, in the heart of the tropical forest fronting a beautiful long sandy beach. The town is built on the top of a green hill looking over the virgin Atlantic forest and the clear blue ocean. Serra Grande has managed to stay as original as it gets through out the tourist-boom over the past years, by preserving Nature and the Bahian culture.

Neutral Carbon Tourism Certification Building a Carbon Free Destination
In Itacaré and Serra Grande, look for the «Carbon Free Tourism Certification Program» seal exposed in hotels, restaurants and other services. The funds gathered through the program are redirected to traditional small-scale farmers to plant trees which will neutralize CO² emissions of the program contributors.

🌳 Carbon Free Certification Program
🌳 Carbon-Free Certified Services
Program directed by the Movimento Mecenas da Vida (Patrons for Life Movement)


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